Computed Context

A Data Factory To Generate Real-World Event Understanding
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Prechelon's data factory [Kadeshâ„¢] employs natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to generate high-value explanatory and predictive real-world event data. Our data capabilities help clients extend existing algorithms to improve context learning, augment decision intelligence, generate proprietary signals, or automate higher-value knowledge processes.

Our Technology


Prechelon uses internal and external data wranglers to acquire unstructured data. An agile intelligence architecture scales alongside the anticipated growth in data types.


2.5 exabytes of data gets produced daily. The pace is accelerating. Empowering clients with a bespoke natural language (NLP) and machine learning gateway capability to extract, disambiguate and classify entities.


A proprietary, learnable, dynamic and scalable data intelligence representation to generate richer contextual understanding of real-world event cause and effect.


Compounding data intelligence tools to maximally exploit our data intelligence so users have more dynamic and actionable real-world event understanding.


Machines can understand and infer connections in more dimensions at a greater horizon than humans. Our enrichment, representation, and reasoning capabilities give users differentiated internally generated data to better explain and anticipate real-world events.


Stories, myths, and archetypes are how we organize the world. Everyone wants to know where the narrative is going and how it ends. Prechelon's internally generated data feeds actionable high-value signal and knowledge generation opportunities.