About Us

Prechelon develops software services and advanced data analytics for expert global macro knowledge organization, automation and generation using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). We process global events to locate explanatory context so we can generate the textual and data stories critical to future newsrooms and fiduciary institutions.

The force of any campaign starts with events. But which one? Our machines build better maps as events unfold. We connect the physical world to the digital domain using dimensions previously inaccessible.

Macro linguistics™ is our gateway language to better context. It is designed to deliver real world and near real time situational assessments from elections to coups, pandemics to peace talks, terror attacks to disasters and cryptocurrencies to Eurodollars.

Generating high quality data starts in a domain. Prechelon knows how invaluable expert domain knowledge is to designing real world technical solutions because we have it. Our principles spent decades analyzing information, media and financial markets to decipher signal from noise, local from foreign and tactic from strategy.

Prechelon Team

Management Team

Shawn Feely
President, Founder

Shawn Feely is the founder of Prechelon. He has two decades of global cross product investment research experience including nine (9) years leading a buy-side L/S macro thematic research effort and eleven years (11) in sell-side equity research culminating in an Institutional Investor (II) recognized media franchise. He started his career in fixed income derivatives. Shawn holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, a BS from NYU’s Stern School of Business and he has earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. He also completed graduate coursework in security studies and Eurasia at Columbia University’s SIPA.


We are a group of mathematicians, engineers and data scientists solving real-world event big data processing problems.


Adolpho Pereira

Global Macro Trader.

Chris Deri

President, Digital Advisory, Teneo.

Martin Feely

Retired CEO of VNU-MIS, a subsidiary of VNU (now Nielsen Holdings), the Netherlands-based international publishing and information company. During his tenure he helped develop and launch Broadcast Data Systems (BDS), which remains a premier big data gathering platform for monitoring media airplay.