Macro Global Knowledge Extraction, Representation and Reasoning

We Use AI To Generate Real-World Events Data Powering Smarter Natural Langauge Understanding, Machine Reasoning, And Predictive Intelligence.

Prechelon augments experts whose workflows are real-world event dependent with proprietary data tools to locate and learn the most explanatory signals offering the most causal context inside the rising tsunami of divergent unstructured data.

Real Events. Enriched Knowledge. Learned Context. Computed Causality. Proprietary Data.

What We Do?

Build machines to connect events
For smarter on-demand why and what if query capability.

Global event context calculations

Earthquake in Rojhelat. ECB launches new TLRTO. Eastern Star ferry disaster in China. G7 intervention in Japan. Copper mine collapse in Chile. Swine flu in China. Gold tariff hike in India. Prechelon identifies atomic facts and explanatory dependencies causing real world and real capital flows.

We are building an evolutionary language called macro linguistics™ to do it

Our methods surface deeper cause and effect context so financial institutions, information providers and other real-world event dependent organizations have vital machine learning and memory augmentation to avoid sub-optimal inferences about the entities, intentions, and relations affecting their critical workflow decisions.

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Why Ai-Narrate?

Narratives frame our worldview
Shouldn't there be a context translator?

Prechelon formalizes it

Macro linguistics™ allows investment managers, content providers, and other breaking event dependent workflows to augment expert-level insight with enriched knowledge that accelerates machine reasoning about real-world event causality at scale and in near real-time.

Our machines make sense of a thousand points of view

Our ai-narration generates more authentic, explanatory, predictive, and actionable narratives about the real-world events affecting passive and active critical workflow decisions.

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How We Do It?

Using computational context
Events have signatures. We learn them.

We develop data extraction, representation, and reasoning tools so experts have a dynamic data lens to surround the events causing workflow and capital flow impact with deeper current and predictive context

Our formalized real-world event architecture processes an array of unstructured data types, then, employs a proprietary representation to build atomic facts into explanatory structures leading to actionable and predictive insights.

Our pipeline translates discrete events into compounding real-world intelligence

Accelerating systemic complexity distorts decisions, amplifies global volatility, and creates entirely new and emergent risk factors designed to exploit human volume and veracity limitations. Real-world event intelligence gives experts compulsory analytical and memory augmentation for smarter dependency inferencing in new dimensions leading to actionable information advantage windows.

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Why Now?

Optimized ambiguity distorts decision making
Prechelon helps to reconcile digital and physical realities.


Increasingly sophisticated machine learning and generation technologies create new authentication, capital allocation, reputation, and contingency risks. Our machine accelerated real-world event intelligence can better detect likely providence distortions and faux ambiguities intended to disorient decisions from the most valuable ground truth.


Learning augmentation is now a baseline requirement to sift through the accelerating tsunami of diverging facts, authorities, and attributions.


Meeting future active and passive investment returns mandates is dependent on knowledge engineering yielding proprietary data advantage. Top to bottom, real-world event processing gives fiduciary institutions, investment managers and researchers critical augmented analytical reasoning, risk tracking, and high-value knowledge process automation capabilities.

Fake news

Misinformation is a millennial old problem with new machine optimized accelerants. Overcoming it requires new unstructured data tools to resolve big data divergences.



A real-world event processing pipeline to transform unstructured data into learnable representations powering proprietary data generation and smarter downstream context calculations.


Anticipate probable real-world event likelihoods using internally generated high-value data.


Actionable alerts about real-world events and probable trajectories.


Use internally generated high-value data to translate real-world event likelihoods into human-readable narratives of the future.

Knowledge Solutions

Bespoke unstructured and structured data discovery.

Our Industries

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions require new computational methods across data types to generate unique and actionable insights. Prechelon uses its multidimensional lens to engineer actionable and predictive knowledge to escape pattern reflexivity. Our methods allow financial market professionals to build compounding data advantage powering smarter analysis, more comprehensive risk tracking and new high-value generation efficiencies.

Information and Media

A cross-section of language and learning technologies now forms the hub for locating breaking events, augmenting causal analysis and validating facts. Generative technologies amplify the need for analytical augmentation. Prechelon’s real-world event pipeline helps information and media providers overcome shrinking distance to an event with superior computational context distances.

Use Cases

Decision Support

Computational context methods for generating high-value real-world event data powering current and future event-oriented reasoning.

Predictive Analytics

Narrative prediction.


Ai-narrated authentication & inference scoring.

Bespoke Knowledge Engineering

Domain-driven knowledge organization, enrichment, and specialized learning.