Knowledge Automation For Newsrooms and Financial Market Intelligence

We Use AI To Generate Causal Narratives And Predictive Intelligence About Real World Events.

Prechelon augments newsroom awareness and financial market signal intelligence by locating the most causal context inside the rising tsunami of divergent unstructured data.

Real Events. Proprietary Data. Learned Context. Computed Causality.

What We Do?

Our machines connect events
To read between dotted lines

Global event context calculations

Earthquake in Rojhelat. Eastern Star ferry disaster in China. Armed UUV by Nord Stream. Money laundering scandal in Latvia. Gold tariff hike in India. Prechelon identifies atomic facts and explanatory dependencies causing real world and real capital flows.

We are building an evolutionary language called macro linguistics™ to do it

Our methods capture deeper event context so investment experts and newsrooms have vital machine learning and memory augmentation to avoid sub optimal inferences about the entities, intentions and relations affecting their critical workflow decisions.

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Why Ai-Narrate?

Narratives frame our worldview
Shouldn't there be a context translator?

Prechelon designed it

Macro linguistics™ allows investment managers, newsrooms and other breaking event dependent workflows to augment expert level insight with smarter knowledge capture about world event causality at scale and in near real time.

Our machines make sense of a thousand points of view

Ai-narration generates more authentic, explanatory and actionable narratives about the world events affecting critical investment management and media decision flows.

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How We Do It?

Using computational context
Events have signatures. We learn them.

We monitor worldwide media, extract events, identify structure, learn context and infer intent.

Our machines use proprietary methods to infer smarter event dependencies

Macro linguistics™ reframes discrete events using continuous context so financial market and media professionals avoid being overwhelmed by streams of unstructured data that not only carry low signal to noise but also exploit human volume and veracity limitations.

Virtuous event data cycle

Continuous generation of new data creates a dynamic context learning cycle for calculating how events are impacting unfolding storylines. Every event is a new opportunity to learn.

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Why Now?

Spot fake news, avoid context bias and unlock alpha potential
Grey zone expansion between digital and physical realities is accelerating

Emerging technologies risk

Increasingly sophisticated technologies are driving grey zone expansion and generating new authentication, reputation, enterprise value and capital allocation risks. Augmented context learning accelerates detection of providence distortion and faux ambiguity leading to smarter orientation and more actionable workflow decisions.

Fake news

Misinformation is a millennial old problem, not a pattern problem. It is a context calculation.

Context bias

Specialized machines are required to sift through diverging facts, authorities and attributions engineered to manipulate the physical from the digital. Our methods help resolve big data divergences.

Unlock Alpha

Future investment return differentiation is linked to knowledge automation and proprietary data. Smarter macro global methods can help managers and researchers augment analysis and improve process efficiency to deliver on their alpha mandates.


Ai-narrated Story Generation

An event reporting intelligence engine for augmenting newsroom and investment management analytical workflows with textual and data outputs.

Predictive Event Analytics

Anticipate probable event likelihoods and future narratives using internally generated high value context data.

Actionable Alerts

Be first to know why. Actionable alerts about real world events and probable trajectories.

Knowledge Solutions

Bespoke unstructured and structured data discovery using Prechelon’s event intelligence framework.

Our Industries

Media & Newsroom

A cross section of technologies now form the hub for locating breaking events, augmenting analysis and authenticating facts. Generative technologies amplify this need. Prechelon’s event intelligence system helps newsroom and content providers overcome shrinking distance to event with superior computational distance to context.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions require new computational methods across data types to generate unique and actionable insights. Prechelon’s event intelligence system uses its multidimensional lens to generate valuable alternative event data that escapes pattern reflexivity and allows financial market professionals to better identify probable alpha generation opportunities at extended ranges.

Use Cases


Narrative engine for media monitoring and event context story generation


Event prediction


Narrative based authentication / scoring

Alternative Data & Knowledge Services

Micro domain knowledge services and specialized learning across unstructured and structured data.